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New Year's In Des Moines

Iowa Dems Set a Date [Mike Glover, AP]: "Iowa Democratic Party officials are poised to settle on Jan. 3 for their presidential caucuses, the same day Republicans will vote, a party official said Thursday. The Democratic State Central Committee will hold a telephone conference call at 8 p.m. on Sunday to make a formal decision, party spokeswoman Carrie Giddins said."


Fox vs. McCain [Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times]: "Fox News Channel confirms that it has ordered the campaign of Senator John McCain to cancel its new ad featuring a clip of him at last Sunday’s debate, which was sponsored by Fox News. The news network prohibits candidates from using debate clips in their political advertisements."

Richardson Makes His Pitch [Scott Martelle, Los Angeles Times]: "Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson on Wednesday called for a mix of diplomacy and economic intervention to try to improve relations with Latin American nations 'alienated' by current Bush administration policies.

Edwards on Iran [Amy Lorentzen, AP]: "Presidential contender John Edwards criticized Democratic and Republican rivals alike Thursday for threats and a vote against Iran, accusing Hillary Rodham Clinton of helping a GOP march to war."

D-Trip Branches Out [Patrick O'Connor, The Politico]: "The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will cast its net wide and far through the end of the year to build a bigger bank of online supporters - an increasingly essential element in political fundraising. The campaign arm would like to add the names and e-mail addresses of 250,000 potential supporters over the next three months, according to a Democratic aide."

--Josh Patashnik