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Very (un)important News From Dubai

Or is it Abu Dhabi?  No, it's Dubai.  The Financial Times dateline is
Milan. But the news is about Dubai and Georgio Armani.

The Armani "luxury group" has "joined rivals such as Versace and Bulgari in
moving into property as luxury goods companies seek to create a lifestyle
out of their brands."  In any case, Giorgio is carving a hotel from floors
nine to 16 (and other residences on other floors) of what will be the
tallest building in the world, right there in little Dubai.  Of course, the
building overlooks the beach.  But the water is far too hot in which to
swim.  The other side of the hotel overlooks a race course, a course for
camel racing, I presume.  Like looking over Yankee Stadium on Jerome Avenue
in the Bronx.  But much more expensive.

Will they allow hotel guests to carry Vuitton luggage?