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Dodd's Liberal Challenge To Front-runners, Mukaskey

Mukaskey: No Can Do-dd [Greg Sargent, Talking Points Memo]:

"Chris Dodd has just become the first Democrat to say he's voting against Michael Mukasey for AG. His reason: Mukasey's assertion that the President can overrule a Federal statute when the country's defenses are at risk."

Edwards' "Burning Heart" [Tracy Joan, Daily Kos]:

"Today in New Hampshire, Senator Edwards is delivering a major speech - in fact - it's a speech he considers the most important he's given to date, a speech that defines the moral test of our generation and the choice we have before us. "

Early State Reps Commit  [Reid Wilson, RealClearPolitics]:

"Sen. Judd Gregg, dean of the New Hampshire congressional delegation, will endorse Mitt Romney today at the state capitol, the Union Leader reports this morning."

Giuliani Down, Not Out [Mike Allen and Johnathan Martin, Politico]: 

Romney's Offroad Veep? [ThinkProgress]:

"William Safire provided his “office pool” predictions for who leading presidential candidates would choose as their running mate if they were to get the nomination. For former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R), Safire suggested that he would pick Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq."

--Dayo Olopade