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Why Is Rudy Back In Iowa?

"Our entire grass-roots organization welcomes the new date for the Iowa caucuses," [Giuliani campaign manager Mike] DuHaime said in a statement, adding that his candidate "is the only Republican who can win Iowa in the general election."

And perhaps that explains the neither-fish-nor-fowl strategy Giuliani seems to be pursuing here. While hoping to keep expectations low in a state whose caucuses are dominated by social conservatives and won by meticulous organization of all 99 counties, Giuliani aides also don't want to risk the wrath of a swing state in the general election.

So publicly they portray their campaign as one national in scope and assure Iowans that their state is part of the strategy. Privately, however, they point to the lead Romney has built here and hope his victory is a hollow one.
anywhereUpdateNoam Scheiber