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The Ballad Of Manny Papir (or, Don't Cross The Boss)

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The story of Manny Papir is a cautionary tale for anyone who doubts that Judith Giuliani is a force to be reckoned with. Papir, Rudy's longtime personal aide, learned the hard way during a trip to Europe when Rudy, taking a 9/11 victory lap in early 2002, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and then was honored with the German Media Prize in Baden-Baden. Among Rudy's inner circle, Judith was fast becoming known for her demanding requirements. Even loyalist Sunny Mindel was overheard joking that whenever they arranged a chartered jet for their principal and his companion, "we need two seats for Judith--one for her and one for her Gucci bag." ("I have no recollection of saying that," Mindel says.)

When Judith asked to stay two nights in Baden--Baden instead of the previously planned one-throwing the intricate schedule into disarray--Papir, who was advancing Rudy's triumphal tour, made the mistake of betraying his impatience. Running into other members of the entourage in the lobby, he muttered, "Let me guess--you're waiting for Princess, too." When the quip was reported back to Rudy and Judith, Papir--who declined to comment--was out of a $200,000-a-year job.
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