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Hillary And The F-word

"It's unfortunate that Senator Obama is resorting to the same old attack politics as his poll numbers start falling.... A flagging campaign is not an excuse to distort anyone's record."
September 19
"Increasingly negative attacks against other Democrats aren't going to end the war, deliver universal healthcare, or turn John Edwards' flagging campaign around."
August 24
Clinton's communications director, Howard Wolfson, said in response to Edwards's comments that "angry attacks on other Democrats won't improve Senator Edwards's flagging campaign."
September 20
"Whenever we make a substantive statement with respect to some way in which we think Sen. Clinton is not behaving in the best interest of the American public, not representing the kind of president that we need in the future, the response of that campaign is exactly the same every single time," she said. "They use the words 'flagging campaign' as if you can erase, just erase everything John said. There's no merit to it whatsoever."
Michael Crowley