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Being There

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 18--Michael Wolkomir would not consider his vacation, which included 10 days' sightseeing in California, complete until on his way home he posed in front of what is now known as the Larry Craig bathroom at the airport here.... Since Aug. 27, when the arrest of Mr. Craig became known publicly, the restroom has become a source of amusement for travelers and employees at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Some pose for pictures before the outer door. Others enter to zoom in on the light-blue stall the senator used, the eighth of nine in a row. The undercover officer who arrested Mr. Craig was in the stall to his right, the seventh stall. Foot traffic outside the restroom, which is just off the central food court, has quadrupled, said Rosemary Zeno, who works at Royal Zeno Shoe Shine next door. Ms. Zeno says she fields some 50 questions a day about the bathroom.... Back from a trip to Lincoln, Neb., Robert Kelen went into the men's room to change his 15-month-old daughter's diaper for "historic reasons." When he reappeared, he patted the baby's stomach. "Eloise," he said, "now you can say you've been there."
Christopher Orr