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Obama V Clinton In Clinton

We do hope that the headline after we leave is, "Clinton Endorses Obama."
George Bush was wrong. The people who attacked us on 9/11 were in Afghanistan, not Iraq.... The case for war was built on exaggerated fears and empty evidence--so much so that Bob Graham, the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, decided to vote against the war after he read the National Intelligence Estimate.
didn't read
Conventional thinking in Washington lined up for war. The pundits judged the political winds to be blowing in the direction of the president. Despite -- or perhaps because of how much experience they had in Washington, too many politicians feared looking weak and failed to ask hard questions. Too many took the president at his word instead of reading the intelligence for themselves. Congress gave the president the authority to go to war. Our only opportunity to stop the war was lost. I made a difference judgment... I opposed this war from the beginning. [emphasis added]
out of IraqP.S.
You know know, I welcome all of the folks who have changed their position on the war over these last months and years. And we need more of those votes to change if we're going to change the direction of this war.... But if we have learned anything from Iraq, it is that the judgment that matters most is the judgment that is made first.
Michael Crowley