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According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, Hillary Clinton is leading Barack Obama 41-27% among Dems. Among GOPers, Rudy Giuliani leads John McCain and Fred Thompson 26-18-18% (release). A new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll shows HRC leading John Edwards 28-23% among IA Dems. Among IA GOPers, Mitt Romney leads Giuliani 28-16% (realse). The same poll shows, in NH, HRC leads Edwards and Obama 35-16-16% and Romney leads Giuliani 28-23%. And in SC, HRC leads Obama 45-27% and Thompson leads Giuliani 26-23% (release). A Quinnipiac poll of FL voters finds HRC leading Obama 42-13% among Dems. Among GOPers, Giuliani leads Thompson 28-17%. In a general matchup, HRC is tied with Giuliani 44-44% (release). [Emphasis added.]
Jason Zengerle