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Tangled Web

I get the sense that Dave Weigel is dead on about Thompson ("Thompson, like the worst actor, is starting to believe his reviews. That's a mistake. The point of Fred Thompson is that he was never serious.")
Wlady, your point about [stories on Thompson's lobbying work] reinforcing his role as a hired gun and Washington insider is right on the mark. These incidents also point out the sense he was never in charge of his career or his life's choices. I had to take the firm's work. I didn't choose my clients. Not exactly the man of destiny.
puts the boot in
[Thompson] did support [McCain-Feingold]. You can debate about what you support when you vote for a bill on final passage that has warts, but when you sponsor a bill, it's your work. No one makes you sponsor your own bill. ... Fred, yes it was a mistake. But it was your mistake. Admit you were wrong. Call for repeal of this provision that tramples on the First Amendment.
Christopher Orr