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I, Dittohead

making some sense
I'm not crazy about presidential candidates announcing their candidacy on these late-night shows, Leno or Letterman... The one thing about it that bothers me -- and I'm not rooted in fuddy-duddiness here, although it may sound like it to some of you but--is I think the office of the presidency has a certain stature, and I don't like to see it linked or tied to pop culture. Pop culture is by definition one of the low common denominators of our society. If a president won't go on The Tonight Show as president, he shouldn't go on as a candidate.... You know damn well that presidents don't go on The Tonight Show. So why should they as candidates? When you link the stature of that office to the pop culture, I don't think the damage is instantaneous, but it's just a slow erosion of the stature of the office. It's just my instinct here.
Via First ReadMichael Crowley