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Dept Of Bitter Ironies

First, I have to say I have more than a little bit of empathy for Larry Craig, and there is an instructive difference between being a closeted Republican and closeted Democrat from Jim "I am a Gay-American" McGreevey to Larry "I've never been gay" Craig.

Second, Congress' ratings are in the toilet and I've always felt it mostly because of what Republicans have done, and are doing, to the good name of politics. Its is laughable that Mitt Romney has the gall to say that this episode shows why Washington can't be trusted. Right now, the Democratic Congress is being dragged down by Larry Craig, Bob Ney, Tom DeLay, David Vitter, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff and by the end of the year Ted Stevens, Don Young, Rick Renzi, Tom Feeney and John Doolittle. All our party has put up is Bill Jefferson. It would be bitterly ironic if the Democratic Congress is punished for continued Republican bad behavior.
Michael Crowley