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Is Romney Really A Homer?

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I was dismayed when my deputy chief of staff when I was governor said that he'd gone to the Babies R Us to register his wife for a baby shower, this was in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the clerk behind the counter said, "Okay, I'm filling out the form here, what's your name sir?" And he said, "My name's Peter Flaherty." And then she said, "And what's your girlfriend's name?" And he said, "I don't have a girlfriend." And she said, "Well, who's having the baby then?" And he said, "My wife!" "Oh, your wife?!"
there is no Babies R UsUpdate
The store absolutely was in Cambridge on Alewife Brook Parkway in the Fresh Pond Shopping Center. It is now closed down. This happened several years ago. It might have been a Babies R Us registry within the Toys R Us store but that is where it happened.
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