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The Dream Shall Never Die, Cont'd

Newt '
AMES - Supporters of Alan Keyes plan to attend the Iowa Straw Poll Aug. 11, to get Keyes' name before the public as a possible Republican presidential candidate. "We Need Alan Keyes for President," an organization of grassroots volunteers conducting a petition drive to draft Keyes, will hand out literature, donation forms, and sign-up sheets and show video clips of the former Reagan administration diplomat. Keyes--who in 2000 drew 14 percent in the Iowa Caucus and averaged 16 percent in his best ten states during the presidential primaries--says he is open to the possibility of running, if enough support exists at the grassroots for his candidacy. "I've told my supporters - who, by the way, are undertaking this effort on their own - that if they can demonstrate sufficient grassroots support for me to run, I will do so," Keyes commented.
andJason Zengerle