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War And Peace

informative pieceTNRJames KirchickMatt Yglesias
In light of Griswold's piece, Yglesias wonders what I think of the invasion. I think Ethiopia was entirely justified in ousting an Al-Qaeda affiliated, Islamofascist junta which had overthrown the legitimate government of a neighbor state and was using that state's territory to launch terrorist attacks against it. And I think the United States was justified in aiding attempts to hunt down and kill the men responsible for murdering 225 people, many of them American civil servants.
I know it's a lot easier to snark about issues you don't know the first thing about, but if Yglesias thinks it's OK for terrorist groups to depose internationally-recognized governments and take over whole countries, declare war on bordering nations, and not expect any sort of armed reprisal, he should just come out and say it.
Isaac Chotiner