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The Jell-o Candidate

Balloon Juicediscussing
Well, my view is he has maximized the ability to do it his own way and to walk down his own path in his own shoes. I do believe that all this needs to be a definitive month, because this, to me, is like JELL-O being made. There's a point at which you need to put the ingredients in, because this is going to form like JELL-O between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. And you're going to know the race on both sides. And then the big dance is January, and as he prepares for that, I think August needs to be a definitive month, and actually, September needs to be an action month. So I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead, because I've got these people just champing at the bit, ready to go as soon as the gun fires. You've got activists all over the country, including members of the House of Representatives that I have recruited and talked to, that are ready to rock and roll for Fred Thompson.
Christopher Orr