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More Pollack/o'hanlon

New York Timesop-edcriticized Times
[I]n the low-profile precincts of Brookings' own Iraq Index, O'Hanlon is quietly concluding that the "surge" has basically failed to live up to expectations. His Iraq Index assesses the situation in language that's basically identical to that which you hear from Democrats calling for withdrawal in Washington. Yet writing in the far more public forum of The Times Op ed page today, O'Hanlon says the debate in D.C. is "surreal" because "the administration's critics...seem unaware of the significant changes taking place." And he concludes that for now, "things look much better than before." Anyone care to explain the disparity here?
flays was they end in 2004follow-up post
American advisers told us that many of the corrupt and sectarian Iraqi commanders who once infested the force have been removed.
the Iraqi National Police, which are controlled by the Interior Ministry, remain mostly a disaster. In response, many towns and neighborhoods are standing up local police forces, which generally prove more effective, less corrupt and less sectarian.
Jonathan Chait