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The Princess Bride

Vanity Fairprofile don't call her Judi!
It was around this time that Judi Nathan met Giuliani at Club Macanudo, an East Side cigar bar he was known to frequent. The details of that fateful night have since been industriously hidden and altered. They met at a private-school function, went one version of the story; at Coopers Classic Cars and Cigars, the former bar of Elliot Cuker, Rudy's onetime confidant, went another. Around a year ago, Cuker has told friends, he was pressed to back up a version worthy of a potential president and First Lady. Specifically, Cuker has confided, he was told to say it was he who formally introduced the couple at his restaurant. He pointedly refused. "It pissed Elliot off that he was asked to lie for them," says a friend, who adds that Giuliani and Cuker are no longer close.
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