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Happy Birthday Bill Bennett!

hilarious tribute
A quick story: I had run into him a month or so ago with a friend in Washington. That night, said friend mentioned at her family dinner table that she had met Bill Bennett during the day. One of her children responded: "Oh I know him, he wrote The Book of Virtues." Another of her children interrupted: "No, silly, he was drug czar." No, the third, protested, "Bill Bennett was education secretary."

That may be an "only in D.C." dinner-table conversation. But it's also a great tribute. Between the work he's done on so many fronts and his wife's important work with inner-city girls and boys--he surely deserves a few moments of pride today--and a birthday greetings bottle of wine. He's a great example of someone who's made an imprint on our political and cultural life in so many different ways--a real, human man, too, one who can inspire because even while talking Aristotle, he's practical and approachable (ask any of the truck drivers who call into his show any given morning).

And at 64 he's not near done yet. Someone having a successful radio show in itself would be enough for anyone to rest his laurels on ... but that's just what he's having fun doing while writing tributes to America; being a husband, a brother, and a dad to two smart young men; and countless other projects to come.
Isaac Chotiner