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Cucumbers For All

Yesterday, ABC News ran the headline, "Sex Ed for Kindergartners 'Right Thing to Do,' says Obama." Right on cue, Mitt Romney went ballistic, telling supporters that he was "shocked" by Obama's comments, adding: "Instead of teaching sex education to five-year-olds, let's clean up the ocean of filth, the cesspool in which our kids are swimming." (Presumably this isn't what Romney had in mind.)

Anyway, I was trying to find a better explanation of what Obama's views actually were, since the ABC story wasn't terribly clear, and came across David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network--that's Pat Robertson's outfit, mind you--who had the sensible, level-headed take on all of this. Apparently, Obama's spokeswoman claims the senator was merely talking about teaching kids "the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching." And Brody thinks Romney was being "misleading" for suggesting that "Obama is ok with the condoms and cucumber approach." So... there you go.

--Bradford Plumer