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Where They Were From

Sterling Heights, Mich

Garland, Tex

Homerville, Ga

Coos Bay, Ore

Luther, Okla

Bismarck, Ark

Oak Harbor, Ohio

Lake Placid, Fla

Mechanicsville, Va

Grants Pass, Ore

Blanding, Utah

Maize, Kan

Phillips, Maine

Elkhart, Ind

Round Rock, Tex

Beach City, Ohio

Corona, Calif

Burns, Wyo

Kingston Springs, Tenn.

Mishawaka, Ind

Lake Toxaway, N.C.

Valley, Ala

Zachary, La

Medical Lake, Wash

Koror, Republic of Palau
spent the weekendkilledCorrection, July 30: A member of Strong's family has contacted me to say that Strong was killed by small arms fire--not a roadside bomb, as I first wrote (based on a misunderstanding of a bomb incident also described in the article about Strong to which I had linked). I sincerely regret the error. The family member also said, in response to some debate in the comments for this item, that the family had no objection to him being mentioned in this blog post.Michael Crowley