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Vitter: There Are *some* Hookers I Haven't Slept With

Times-Picayunespoken with
issued a statement that referred to his Monday apology regarding the Washington escort service and reiterated that he was not implicated in a federal investigation that led to the closing of a Canal Street brothel in 2001.
Two of the attorneys cited by [Vitter spokesman Joel] DiGrado -- U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and defense attorney Vinny Mosca -- said Vitter's name did not surface or show up in documents during a federal investigation of the operation but did not go as far as to say that he had never been a client.... On Tuesday, Jeanette Maier, the "Canal Street Madam," said Vitter was a customer at her Mid-City brothel but that his business there predated the federal investigation.
[Prostitute Wendy Yow's] former boyfriend Tait Cortez, contacted by The Times-Picayune, said he has seen several photos of Yow and Vitter together.... In another photo, that same dark-haired man [allegedly Vitter] appeared with Yow at a waterfront party, he said. The man was wearing shorts and a T-shirt next to Yow in a bikini, Cortez said. "She had her hand on his crotch," Cortez said. "They were smiling." Cortez said the photo stung him. It was "more sexual" than any others, and he felt that Yow and the man exhibited more than a business relationship, he said.
Christopher Orr