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Horse Sense

farewellVanity Fair
And then a thousand different images flickered before the gathered crowd and the millions watching on television: The sight of Barbaro for a brief second or two trying to run on that right hind leg that no longer worked, each step only furthering the damage. Barbaro slipping sideways with the lower portion of the leg dangling uselessly at an angle. Edgar Prado quickly pulling him up until he stopped, an act that may have saved Barbaro from death right then and there at the track because it prevented further damage, although Prado would later tell the Jacksons that it was Barbaro who had the immediate instinct to stop. Prado jumping off Barbaro with lightning quickness and then placing his hands over his eyes as tears began to fall. Barbaro gingerly putting his right leg down again to see if it might work, then lifting it up at that bent angle, then putting it down again and lifting it up again and putting it down again and lifting it up again with puzzled helplessness.
Isaac Chotiner