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The Problem With Thompson

Jonsome good points
Let me say, they said the same thing about Ronald Reagan, about being too laid back. But let me tell you, he kind of rises above it all. And he does things his own way.
The Drudge Reportpost
Romney and Thompson will wind up in the same administration--one of them as president, the other as ... something important and influential. It's a relatively fearless prediction because I'm not making any public bet on who comes out on top. But they strike me as leaders. I think they probably both get it--conservatism, the war, what's important in life (including life). And they both probably have the interest of the country seriously weighing on their minds. As do their families. They both strike me as good men who believe in a lot of the same things and neither is particularly keen on attacking the other. They both will have very good people who will work for them--and conservative people at that. If Romney and Thompson are what it comes down to for the GOP, that will be a good thing for America.
Isaac Chotiner