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Sex In Space?

about time
[NASA] is starting to talk more publicly about the special considerations associated with long space flights, such as how to deal with illness and even death when you can't just turn around and come home. And sex is on the list for future discussions.

Sex in space presents a number of challenges beyond tangible matters like zero gravity or awkward enclosures. In fact, the physics should be the least of NASA's concerns.

It's the touchy-feely bit that the agency will need to consider seriously. Blindly applying Earth-bound standards that astronauts cannot follow under space-voyage conditions will only lead to guilt and shame.

What happens if one person in the spaceship makes a romantic overture, only to be rebuffed? What happens if an astronaut in a relationship back home falls in love with another member of the mission? What to do--send a breakup text message from Mars?
MoonrakerIsaac Chotiner