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Letter Of The Day

Last Call!
Congressman Walter Jones:

The Oak Ridge Boys have tremendous admiration for those who have served our great nation in the time of war. History has shown that we owe our very freedom to our military, and that includes the brave canine soldiers who have served beside our men and women.

We want to thank you for sponsoring a bill (H.R. 5145) to authorize the National War Dogs Monument, Inc. to establish a national monument in honor of military working dog teams. We believe that paying homage to the dogs underscores the important work and sacrifice of their human masters.

If The Oak Ridge Boys can assist you in your efforts, please let us know.

These heroic dogs MUST be honored and remembered!

Thanks for you time and always remember to honor ALL Veterans who have served this great NATION and say thank you to the soldiers who serve us today.

Joseph S. Bonsall
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