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Talk Radio Wars

The New York Timesfront page story
[A host] suggested on the same broadcast that "radical Muslims" would not stop until they had flattened American religion like a steamroller.

His children, he predicted, "will probably be killed because I'm bringing them up Catholic, and maybe their children will be brainwashed and put into some sort of situation where they're wearing a burka and they follow Shia law, because that's what these radicalized Muslims want."

He also mused about several other matters, including, "I just wonder why we care so much about Virginia Tech kids." He quickly qualified the remark by saying, "Don't pull that out of context," before indicating that soldiers killed in Iraq deserved comparable gestures of mourning.

And that was just one day's show.


On April 27, in an extended rant in support of Alec Baldwin's right to lose his temper in private, he wondered about the last film role of the actor's former wife, Kim Basinger. "What did she play?" Mr. Di Paolo asked. "An old tampon?"

A day later the show's hosts conducted a phone interview about rising property taxes with Marco Rubio, a Republican from Miami who is speaker of the State House of Representatives. Sometime after Mr. Rubio hung up, the show broadcast another song parody, this one about a man whose life is being cramped by the taxes Mr. Rubio is trying to cut.

I had to have sex in a bus, the singer laments, because "I couldn't afford the motel."
one of the best moviesIsaac Chotiner