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Romney, Nukes, And Genocide

Jasonmake nuclear trafficking a crime against humanityWashington Post op-ed suggestedP.S.New York Sun
Yes, of course I agree that nuclear smuggling should be a crime under international law. I would favor a treaty, a set of conventions etc... saying as much. But I don't think such a development will do much to stop determined nuclear smugglers, particularly if they work with rogue states whose participation in the international legal system undermines its legitimacy. The IAEA was powerless against AQ Khan, that network was rolled up because of American and British diplomacy. I suppose a Democratic president could justify a PSI-like initiative against freelance centrifuge importers and exporters if they were enforcing an international convention. But those interdiction themselves are a violation of the Law of the Sea treaty, not to mention the sovereignty of say North Korea's territorial waters.

Anyway, it's not a good 2008 issue because it makes the candidate sound like nuclear smuggling is not serious, that the practice could be stopped by justices at the hague and state department lawyers.
P.P.S.nuclear fuel bankMichael Crowley