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Who's 'not' Being Investigated?

It all makes sense now. Karl Rove and his deputies would have committed a crime had they traveled to various government agencies in the run-up to the '06 midterms, given presentations about endangered Republicans in close races, and then told the agencies to do something about it. Luckily, Rove did no such thing! Instead, he just went around the country, gave those presentations, and then not-so-subtly hinted that they should do something about it. Totally different.

At any rate, Scott Bloch from the Office of Special Counsel is now investigating Rove. He's promised he won't "leave any stone unturned." But it also happens that Bloch is under investigation himself--for "sitting on" a complaint about a misuse of funds by Condoleezza Rice. The president's Council on Integrity and Efficiency is looking into it.

Which, as David Corn points out, makes Bloch an "investigator investigating officials who oversee the agency that is investigating the investigator." Sure. Who else are they going to get?

--Bradford Plumer