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Why Even Let Them Vote?

The CornerJohn Derbyshire
Mark Steyn pinpoints another thing that a lot of us detest about PC: It's fem.

As much as a society needs a code of decorum, it also needs to get its yin and its yang into balance. Under PC, the balance is lost-too much yin.

PC is fem, and its consequences are femmer. Think of women in the military (ref. the recent Tehran-Brit-sailors farce). Did it lift up military women, or drag down military men? Much more the latter than the former, I think.

And of course, all the whining about non-PC speech being "hurtful" is pure femmishness. What man would ever think of himself as having been "hurt" by something someone said? He might have been enbarrassed, humiliated, or infuriated, but "hurt"? Nah.
Isaac Chotiner