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Don't Look Back

recent interviewPoliticalInsider
Last time you entered the presidential arena, South Carolina got pretty hot. What do you think happened? I was beaten by President Bush because he had the financial and political base. He lost in New Hampshire, and shortly thereafter in Michigan, but he had the strong financial and political base to withstand the shock. What about the other things that happened in South Carolina? Being called "the fag candidate" and having your wife accused of drug abuse, having your child slandered by the opposition? I put those things behind me. There's no reason to pull them back in anger. Except that you're going back to South Carolina. I don't think that would happen again. Why not? I hope we'd have a good response to it. Do you wish you had fought back harder last time? It's over. It's never over, man. They attacked your family. No, I don't think about it. It's over. Americans don't like sore losers. I'm a happy loser. But it's not over. Those voters in South Carolina are still there. You have to face the same people who were poisoned against you the last time. I promise you: It's not something that I think about. Ever. Or worry about in the slightest. Give me a break. Then how did all those people from South Carolina come to work for you over the last few years? You've worked hard on South Carolina. Yeah, very hard. You've brought staff in from South Carolina. Yup. But looking back- I never look back. You were pretty angry at the time, weren't you? Yeah! And afterward, I had the greatest ten days of my life. I just wallowed in self-pity.
Jason Zengerle