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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Los Angeles, CA Can a reincarnated dog bring hope and renewed life to an owner suffering from multiple tragedies? That's what Lynda J. Austin, now a well-known writer on dog spirituality, discovered when her own dog Maxwell, a miniature schnauzer, returned to her when she was suffering from a debilitating depression due to a variety of loss including a double mastectomy, her mother's death, the loss of her husband of eighteen years, the loss of two beloved dogs within five weeks of each other, her father's death, and the close of a business. Though she got a new puppy, her heart was shattered. But as she struggled to care for the puppy, she discovered that her dog Maxwell was reincarnating which led to the publication of her book: HEAVENLY PAWS - A BELOVED DOG IS REBORN, which not only saved her from the deepest despair, but has inspired countless others. And now this book has just gone into its second printing, plus Austin has just released her first children's picture book in a series