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'wsj' Dishonesty Watch

Wall Street Journalcomplains
It barely gets a headline these days, but terrorists are continuing to use chemical weapons in Iraq -- or what was once called a weapon of mass destruction. In this case the weapon is a truck full of explosives and chlorine, which a suicide bomber drives into some public place for maximum terror impact.
"Chlorine Gas Attack by Truck Bomber Kills Up to 30 in Iraq"
--The New York Times, April 7

"5 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq In Two Roadside Bombings"
--The Washington Post, March 26

"Chlorine bomb attacks in Iraq kill 2, sicken 350"
--The Los Angeles Times, March 18

"3 Killed, 25 Injured In Chlorine Attack; Insurgents Appear to Try New Tactics"
--The Washington Post, February 22
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