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You Have To Make The Ask

I also read the Wall Street Journal article that Jason cited below. To me, the most interesting thing is what it reveals about Barack Obama's campaign organization, or lack thereof:

"John Kerry said he was out at 10 p.m. At 11, she's on the phone saying she wants to meet with me," Mr. Shaheen recalled in an interview. No other candidate called for more than a week. ...

Teaneck, N.J., lawyer Al DeCotiis says he and a few other Democratic boosters decided a year ago to select one presidential candidate for whom to raise money in the state. The group personally interviewed most of the major candidates, but couldn't get Mr. Obama. "We must have put in five or six calls," Mr. DeCotiis recalls. "For whatever reason, he didn't respond. Then we met with Hillary and we decided to endorse her and work aggressively for her presidency."

Are these anecdotes typical? If so, I have a hard time seeing how Obama is going to win.

--Jonathan Chait