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Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away....

Politico piece
The convergence of the enabling technology to post news on the fly and the appetite for that news by both news organizations and readers has radically changed politics and poses lethal danger to McCain's style of running. Under the old rules, a minor hiccup like the one McCain endured on the condom question would have perhaps been tucked deep into the final paragraphs of the full-length stories filed by reporters at the end of the day or the end of the tour.

In the new media era, however, the comment was quickly posted on the blogs of those two most venerable institutions of the old media: The Washington Post and The New York Times. Like bloody chum dumped overboard a fishing boat, dozens of other blogs swarmed to the "gotcha" moment and linked to the Post and Times reports. The latter, datelined "SOMEWHERE IN NORTHERN IOWA," had 327 comments at last count and was linked by sites ranging from The Huffington Post to the National Review.
Michael Crowley