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Tiger, Tiger Woods Y'all

called for a moratoriumgreat GQ articleInside the NBA
Tonight's first game is the Chicago Bulls vs. the Cleveland LeBrons, and it's ugly from the get-go. Charles gives up about three minutes in and makes a phone call. "Hey, Barack," he says. "Charles Barkley here. Hey, congratulations, man! We did good. I'm so excited. We swept those assholes out of town." (This is November 9, two days after the election.) "Listen, man," he goes on, "I was just in Vegas with Tiger for the fight. It was a lot of fun. He's in Asia now, playing for the next couple of weeks, but when he gets back, I gotta get y'all together. He's finally at the point in his life where he can think about something other than golf. He's ready to become more political. You'd be a great place for him to start. When he gets back, let's get y'all together." [Emphasis added.]
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