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Bad Time

New Yorkbig pieceTime
Stengel has also drawn criticism for his selection of "You" as Time's Person of the Year, depicted with a novelty mirror on the cover. He was roundly mocked on Comedy Central's The Daily Show for his appearance on CNN to promote the issue. "[It's] you!" announced Stengel, flashing the cover before American Morning host Soledad O'Brien. "You! Me! Everyone!" Stengel claims it was good for the magazine. "I loved seeing myself on The Daily Show," says Stengel. "I thought that was great. Was Time magazine talked about more than it's been talked about in any way in a long time? Yes." Not in a good way, of course. The choice was widely perceived to be a mistake inside the magazine. "Well," Stengel told one editor, "we're only going to make it once."
There will be new sections reminiscent of older versions of Time and a slew of new columns ... including Joel Stein--"a god to people in their twenties and thirties," says Stengel.
Isaac Chotiner