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Not Miller's Time

This is what cracks me up about Al Gore. He is absolutely certain of temperature figures in the year 2057. And yet, when you talk about election figures from the year 2000, they're still gray and murky, you know.

Short of the Tennessee Valley Authority, that much energy [to supposedly heat Gore's house] has never been--and I know he's not using them on a treadmill. I saw him at the Oscars.

[On how bad the Times has gotten]You want me to tell you, when I was coming in here today, I saw Jayson Blair sleeping on a park bench under a Daily News.

But it's someone suddenly morphed to an agenda where "it's all the news that fits, we print."

The paper's ombudsman is Fidel Castro.

They're so anti-Bush now that they won't even use words in the crossword puzzle that have a "W" in it.

Somebody should pinch Sulzberger and wake him up. Because he's got worse circulation problems than a guy climbing Everest in a Speedo.
Isaac Chotiner