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Message To Obama Campaign: Drop Everything You're Doing And Read This

Every once in a while, you come up with a great idea--a Big Idea, so big that you realize right away that this is the idea that will forever define you, like Karl Marx and communism, or Thomas Freidman and mustaches. I have hit upon my big idea. Here it is: Barack Obama needs to make his campaign song this:

The logic is irresistible. The chorus, which is repeated approximately seven thousand times, sounds like his name--"Baby, you dropped Obama on me." If you hear the song, it makes you think of Obama, over and over again. Plus, of course, the song is really catchy. It works thematically as well. Think about it--what are Obama's biggest political liabilities? 1) Perceived as "not black enough." 2) Too weak on national defense. Now watch that video. It's nothing but African-Americans and warplanes dropping bombs! It's eerily on message, almost as if Obama's message team created that video specifically for his campaign.

--Jonathan Chait

P.S. Admittedly, one passage in the lyrics could prove awkward:

You were my thrills, you were my pills
You dropped a bomb on me