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How Bad Is Mitt?

Hyperventilating in Ha'aretz
In the space of a week, we have had a professor from an Orthodox-oriented Israeli university argue that some medieval blood libels against the Jews were based in fact.

We have had Muslim clerics declaring that the Jewish Temples of antiquity never existed, that there is no evidence that they ever did, that the Jews' insistence that they did was "the greatest fraud crime in history," that the Western Wall is a Muslim site, that the Jews' reverence for it--and for Jerusalem--is a relatively recent and politically-motivated phenomenon.

Not coincidentally, we have had Egyptian legislator Mohammed el-Katatny of President Hosni Mubarak's ruling party informing parliament "That cursed Israel is trying to destroy al-Aqsa mosque," and that "Nothing will work with Israel except for a nuclear bomb that wipes it out of existence."

And now we have Mitt Romney.

On Tuesday, the former governor of Massachusetts is set to formally launch his campaign for the Republican nomination for the presidency.

He has chosen as the venue a museum which bills itself as America's Greatest History Attraction, the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.
Isaac Chotiner