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A defense attorney for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby this afternoon suggested that NBC News Washington Bureau chief Tim Russert had a personal animosity for the vice president's former chief of staff and was elated when Libby was indicted in 2005. Testifying for a second day at Libby's perjury trial, Russert said he took no joy in Libby's fate and was excited only about a major news story regarding anticipated indictments in the CIA leak case in October 2005. . . . But Russert sounded giddy in an audiotape played in court this afternoon of his on-air interview with radio personality Don Imus on the morning of Oct. 28, when charges were expected against Libby. "It was like Christmas Eve here last night," Russert chortled, as he told Imus about the much-anticipated results of a CIA leak investigation that Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald was expected to announce later that afternoon. "Santa Claus is coming tomorrow. Surprises! What's going to be under the tree?"
Jason Zengerle