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It Ain't Easy Being Green, Cont'd

In a former life, I was a member of the unit at Andrews that maintains the "blue and white" fleet. Bush could have used either USAF C-20B or C-37B aircraft (both twin-engine Gulfstream business jets) or the medium-sized C-32A (a Boeing 757) for his 100 mile hop, all of which are much more fuel efficient than the VC-25A 747s. The one real justification for operating the VC-25A on short flights is its incredible communications suite, but the C-32A would be a close substitute. In the (better) days of yore, Clinton would fly to Martha's Vineyard on one of the now-retired C-9 (read, DC-9) twin jets. Of course, it was not feasible to attempt a 747 landing on the Vineyard's short strip, so he was forced to take something smaller. Although I'm sympathetic to your position, it's not realistic to expect POTUS to fly on one of the loud, slow, and old H-3's for that distance. Especially if he has to transport with him a large security detail, cabinet members, staff, etc.
Jason Zengerle