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What 'really' Ails Ford?

So Ford Motor Company posts a staggering $12.7 billion loss in '06 and all the usual explanations make the rounds: SUV sales slumped thanks to high gas prices; Toyota and other rivals have been making better cars; the company's weighed down by health and pension costs. No doubt. But here's yet another theory, via Focus on the Family's always-fabulous newsletter:

The American Family Association (AFA) said last year's $12.7 billion loss by Ford Motor Company is no surprise. AFA launched a boycott against the automotive giant in March 2006 because of its promotion of the homosexual agenda.

Donald Wildmon, chairman of AFA, said nearly 650,000 people signed the boycott, and he said he's confident that many more simply quit buying Ford products.

"The boycott was not totally responsible for all of Ford's financial problems," he said, "but it certainly contributed to them."

Wha...? Here's the AFA's "Boycott Ford" site. Among other sins, you'll be shocked to learn that Ford "has been on the DiversityInc 'Top 50 Companies for Diversity' list in each of the four years the rankings have been published." Can't have that, now can we?

--Bradford Plumer