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Who You Calling A Mcgovernite?

"Fox News All Stars"
KONDRACKE: What Edwards is trying to do is to be the George McGovern of this race. That is to be the anti-war candidate, more anti-war than any of the other candidates. He should remember what happened to George McGovern when he ran for president in 1972. He got clobbered by Richard Nixon. In the era of terrorism, it seems to be that being that dovey is dangerous in a general election, but it might be very effective in Democratic primaries when the activist tend to be very McGovernite.
Edwards profile
I want to take just a minute and have all of us together step back and think about what's happening in the world today, what's on our television screens every single day. We see the fighting in Lebanon. We see Hezbollah. We see Hamas launching missiles out of Gaza into Israel. We see Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, a guy who claims the Holocaust never occurred, wants to wipe Israel off the face of the planet, a sworn enemy of the United States, trying to get a nuclear weapon. Now you think for a minute about what that means. Iran gets a nuclear weapon, the Saudis will have a nuclear weapon, the Egyptians will have a nuclear weapon, the Syrians will have a nuclear weapon, so then we have a nuclear Middle East, the hottest, most dangerous, most volatile place on the face of the planet.
Jason Zengerle