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Can Brownback Exploit Mccain's Iraq Position?

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Could he fill the Chuck Hagel slot by cleverly linking a "get out of Iraq" message to conventional Vatican politics, i.e. anti-abortion, homophobic, social justice, pacifist. Basically, all Browback has to do to climb the ever larger anti-war wave is just act like the typical Catholic he is in almost every other respect--and he lays claim to the relatively, small but growing (30 percent or so) part of the Republican base who already are opposed to the war. If he starts with this message now, by primary time in 13 months, he will command an ever larger part of the buzz and the electorate. Tough guys like Rudy and McCain will start to look positively weird, and Romney is going to remain a Mormon, no matter what he says about Iraq, gay marriage, or anything else. ...

[T]he guy could tap into a whole different constituency/funding base--call it "Notre Dame" Catholicism (Notre Dame is Harvard to that tribe--the essence of the American dream...) Suddenly, he's the candidate of mainstream American Catholicism in a way that John Kerry never was...
Noam Scheiber