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Now 'this' Is A Feud
Two elderly women who are the only inhabitants of a remote Serbian village have become famous for not speaking to each other.

Ruzica Markovic and Ljubica Paunovic, from Serbia's smallest village of Grade, fell out after one insulted the other's cow three years ago.

Previously, they had lived in harmony in Grade, which has no electricity, running water, TV or access to radio, for decades.

But Paunovic stopped talking to Markovic after she overheard her make a rude comment about one of her cows.

Paunovic has since contacted local newspapers about the spat and the pair now have become cult figures in the press, trading daily insults.

Markovic said: "I am having the newspapers specially delivered to me every day just so I can find out what she's been saying about me."
Michael Crowley