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The Politics Of Johnson

On her blog yesterday, compassionate conservative Michelle Malkin posted about Tim Johnson's health. She told her readers to keep the Senator and his family in their thoughts and prayers, and then expressed her displeasure with the "rush to calculate the political consequences" on liberal blogs. Can we get serious? No one would give two cents about Tim Johnson's health were it not for the political consequences. And of course the politics (i.e. control of the Senate) is what we should be thinking about. If Nouri Al Maliki falls gravely ill, you'll have to forgive me for thinking about what that would mean for Iraq and America before becoming saddened by his personal plight. The same thing would be true of any world leader. Not to sound callous, but people get sick and die every day. Is Michelle Malkin really that concerned about all of them? If so, perhaps she could turn her blog into a kind of obit page, or perhaps a comments board with people around the country wishing sick folks good health. I hope Tim Johnson is okay, of course, but forgive me for thinking first and foremost about which party controls the Judiciary Committee if there's a Supreme Court vacancy. --Isaac Chotiner