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This Blogger Has It Right About Columbia

has it right
If Ahmadinejad is as bad as Bollinger says, then why invite him? What purpose does it serve to supply a "petty and cruel dictator" with a megaphone? Rational people would advise the exact opposite -- to shun and isolate petty and cruel dictators, who certainly have plenty of other outlets for their rantings. No one will learn anything from Ahmadinejad's visit today that they didn't know before. He's an uneducated buffoon who serves as a convenient mouthpiece for the Iranian theocrats who hold the real power in Iran. Unfortunately, Columbia has given the beffoon more prestige for his rambling and disjointed discourse. They have bestowed academic legitimacy to Holocaust denial, as well as to rabid anti-Semitism. Will Bollinger next invite the Imperial Wizard of the KKK to speak as an honored guest at Columbia, and will a rude introduction be seen as enough to justify the appearance?
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