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Bollinger The Bozo

I've learned a few interesting details about the Ahmadinejad disgrace. First, students will not be allowed to bring protest signs into the session on security grounds. What a wonderful way to support free speech -- this mirrors the prohibition at Tehran University where students were arrested for showing signs at one of his speeches. Second, students at Columbia need to give the University 7 days' notice to hold a protest rally. The administration conveniently gave them only 4 days' notice that Ahmadinejad was coming. Third, it is unclear whether they will be able to ask questions spontaneously...they will apparently have to submit them in advance (though this isn't confirmed) so the administration can decide which questions get asked. In any event, here are some simple ones that I doubt anyone will approve (I bet the interrogatory geniuses at 60 Minutes won't ask them either): --Why do you deserve diplomatic immunity at the UN if you supported the hostage taking at the American Embassy? --How many al Qaeda leaders are in Iran, and why have you not turned them over to the US? --Does Allah support deliberate killing of innocent civilians for political ends? Of Muslims? Of non-Muslims? --What were 2 of the 9/11 hijackers doing transiting through Iran in 2001 (as determined by the 9/11 Commission)? --If Iran has promoted "Death to America" chants for 28 years, why is it the US that is responsible for tension between the countries? --Should gays be beheaded? Etc.