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Thoughts On Labor Day

Tough Liberal: Albert Shanker and the Battles Over Schools, Unions, Race, and DemocracyThe Remedy: Class, Race and Affirmative ActionSleeper
...the work world was changing, growing more white collar, Shanker said, but labor had not caught up...'If you try to promote a trade unionism which is based on a sweatshop where you work 75 or 80 hours a week and where Triangle Shirt Factory goes on fire, that's not the truth in most people's experience today. So the trade union movement itself has to change its orientation or otherwise it's going to lose out. 'Shanker felt that the AFL-CIO 'had become so fossilized,' said Phil Kugler, that 'it was incapable of change.' Bella Rosenberg: 'He pretty much hated going to AFL-CIO meetings' because of the lack of debate. 'It was stultifying.'
Boston Globe "The labor day that wasn't,"GlobeGlobe"For workers, it's no holiday.""Labor's Failure"Globe